September 23, 2011

Ever think bout sometimes?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...
guys, have u ever think bout the word of 'sometimes'?
well, 'sometimes' actually hve given full of meaning tht we might not realize it..
for example :
"sometimes pretend to be happy is much better than show off ur sadness and make others to feel sympathy"
"sometimes we are crying not bcause we feel hurt, but bcause we are hppy wif our life"
"sometimes we show tht we r strong enough to face everythg but actually we r the same like wilted leaves, always need support from others to keep live"
"sometimes we cannot control our anger and hurt ohers wif our words, but actually the anger is bcause we are really care bout them"
"sometimes we ask from our lover to end our relationship but we never meant it at all"
"sometimes we wnt to hve de feeling of being love but we avoid to strt de rlationship bcause we are afraid to be hurt by others"
"sometimes we are out of idea until donno wht should be updte for the blog"..stuck, no idea, blur, so i am facing dis kind of problem rite now..hehe :)

p/s: i am practicing my improve correct my grmmar n so on..english berterabur! hee~


L said...

xperla sekurang-kurangnya update gak kan.. huhu

jom solat?

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